One day…

One day Nico van der Marel (1904 – 1989) from Lieren was tired of waiting for a contractor to perform groundwork at his company. This was not the first time that the contractor failed to act. He called his three brothers together, all three of them, just like him, growers on the Burgemeester Crezeelaan. ‘Guys, if I just bought one of those things like that, that oldest boy of mine here knows how to do the milling.’ His brothers didn’t think that was a bad idea, so Nico bought a miller. The thing arrived on December 13, 1947, a Simar 56 A, bought at the Brinkman & Niemeier dealership in Dordrecht. A huge colossus, with iron wheels, equipped with a two-stroke engine; heavy but solid, Swiss made.

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That is how Antoni Pieter (Anton) van der Marel (1931), aged sixteen, became a contractor. There was no refusal. You just did what you were told. In Anton’s case, that wasn’t a hardship. After leaving school, he had started working in the garden, but he was not a gardener. He immediately liked the milling work much more. Soon the neighbours asked if he could come and mill for them. And the neighbours of the neighbours. In a very short time, he had plenty of assignments.


Now, many years later, Marel Loonwerk has been a reliable and professional partner for more than 70 years, with various specialties under one roof. Our modern machinery and skilled employees enable us to carry out any assignment quickly and efficiently.

Clear communication, short lines and personal involvement. That is Marel Loonwerk to the core!

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