Excavation for new construction, ground heating or drainage systems

You can contact Marel Loonwerk for various types of excavation work. We are your partner in all excavation work for new construction projects, for example for the construction of pipes. These activities are carried out by personnel with great knowledge and experience. Marel Loonwerk has laser technology, which ensures precision work. The installation of ground heating or drainage systems is also in good hands with us.



New construction projects require all kinds of excavation work for rainwater drainage, substrate, soil and CO2 pipes and electricity cables. All excavators are equipped with laser equipment. We excavate the various trenches perfectly. Our chain excavator can be used for CO2 pipes and electrical cables. This machine offers many advantages. The chain cutter is faster, and there is less sagging of the trenches because the excavated soil is finer. It can make trenches up to 130 centimetres deep and 60 centimetres wide.


With certain crops, ground heating is still the best way to get the cold out of the ground. We are the specialist who has the knowledge and the right machines to install ground heating. It is not without reason that many heating installers work closely with us. We install ground heating for use in soil-bound crops. This often occurs in floriculture, but can also be used in culture floors and ebb and flood floors at potted plant companies. We install the hoses down to the last detail and take care of all associated excavation work.


As a contractor from Westland, we have a lot of experience with the construction of drainage systems. We take care of the complete construction of the drainage system for every situation. With a natural course or with bottom milling. We use a modern laser chain excavator that does the job not only efficiently but also with the highest degree of accuracy.



Due to a certain structure of the soil, it can happen that a drainage system becomes contaminated earlier than expected. That can lead to blockages. Do you suffer from one or more hoses that do not flow properly? Then mechanical or manual flushing is a solution that removes the blockage. Marel Loonwerk flushes your drainage system under the right pressure. Dirt particles in the hoses are definitively handled. This ensures undisturbed operation of your drainage system.

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Other services

Greenhouse gutters like new again

Gutters on the outside of the greenhouse can be cleaned in various ways. We consciously opt for gutter cleaning machines with rotating brushes. These brush off the dirt in the gutters well. At the same time, the gutters are neatly flushed with a lot of water and pressure via a hose reel mounted on the machine. After this flushing, they look like new again. The machine is adjustable for hood widths of 4.00, 4.27 and 4.80 metres.

Where it is not possible to clean the gutters mechanically, we can also take care of this manually for you.